Product Related Questions

Your most commonly asked product questions here.

Where is your Chaga sourced?

Our Chaga mushrooms are sourced within the northern parts of Canada. Our mushroom extract is also produced and packaged in Canada.

Canada has a huge physical territory with a rich natural resource base and is recognized as having one the highest quality of Chaga mushrooms in the world. Our Chaga is grown in the wild and harvested in the wild.

What material are your capsules made of?

A Pullulan capsule is used to contain the extract. Pullulan is a natural, vegetarian/vegan material made from starch-free, fungus (mushroom) base.

Pullulan capsules provide a better barrier against oxygen (oxidization) than your average vegetarian capsules. The capsules are also FDA-approved, Kosher and Halal certified, and do not contain gelatin or animal by-products.

Our capsules are: hypoallergenic, free of preservatives, free of sodium lauryl sulfates, ethylene oxide or sulfites, non-GMO, gluten-free, and environment friendly. What better than to consume a mushroom extract wrapped in a mushroom itself!

What else is inside of your capsules?

Our capsules are filled with 100% pure, natural Chaga extract. There are NO fillers or additives.

Are your products organic?

Our Chaga mushrooms are naturally sourced in Canada and clean processing methods are used which are void of chemicals and alcohols, additives and fillers. The Chaga extract is processed using clean, hot water.

Additionally, the Pullulan capsules which are used to contain the Chaga extract are made of mushrooms. The capsules are hypoallergenic, free of preservatives, free of sodium lauryl sulfates, ethylene oxide or sulfites, non-GMO, gluten-free, and environment friendly.

What process is used to produce your extracts?

Our Chaga extract is processed using an aqueous (water) method, which utilizes temperatures between 80 and 90 degrees Celsius. This process provides the “cleanest” or purist possible form of extract without the degradation of the mushroom’s properties unlike most mushroom extracts on the market that utilize an alcohol or chemical based process (which may also use high temperatures).

How much Chaga does it take to produce your extract?

In order to produce a single (1) pound of finished extract (final product), it requires 30 (fresh) pounds of raw Chaga mushroom.

Are your extracts water-soluble?

Our extract is 100% water-soluble. Anyone wishing to add their capsules to a beverage should avoid adding it to very hot liquids in order to avoid degrading the beneficial properties of the mushroom extract.

Where is your product made?

Our extract products are made in Canada, by Canadians. 100% made, produced and packaged in Canada.

What benefits are there in taking mushroom extracts?

There are numerous scientifically reported and “folk” suggested benefits to consuming Chaga mushroom in your diet over a long-term basis. For more specific details, please visit this page.

Are there any negative side-effects to taking mushroom extracts?

Current scientific studies have not noted any significant side effects or the potential to disrupt the body’s hormone or chemical balance from consuming Chaga.

Can I consume Chaga along side my prescription pills?

We advise against mixing or using the mushroom extract with pharmaceutical prescription drugs without the expressed consent of a licensed medical practitioner.

How long does Chaga last / hold for?

The recommended shelf-life of Chaga is 2 years.

Every batch of capsules are made utilizing freshly extracted Chaga mushrooms. Our products are prepared in small batches.

Shipping Related Questions

Your most commonly asked shipping questions here. For further details, you may visit our Shipping and Returns section.

Do you ship throughout all of Canada?

Yes, we do ship to every province and territory within Canada.

Do you ship to the USA?

Yes, we do ship to main-land USA. For other territories and islands, please send your request to our Sales team for clarification.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do ship overseas (to most countries). Prior to submitting your international order, please confirm with our Sales team that it is possible to ship to your specific nation.

Is tracking always included with your shipping?

All orders are shipped with tracking in order to best serve you. Tracking information will be e-mailed with your shipped order confirmation.

What is the price of shipping to where I live?

The price for shipping is based upon the country that you reside in. Shipping charges are flat rate, unless your order qualifies for free shipping. More details can be found on our Shipping page.

If your country of residence is not listed, please e-mail our Customer Service team and we will provide you with a reasonable fixed shipping rate.

How can I qualify for FREE shipping?

Free shipping is offered on for the following customers:

  • Canadian customers will receive free shipping on orders totaling $99.00CAD (before applicable taxes); and
  • American customers will receive free shipping on orders totaling $150.00CAD (before applicable taxes).

What happens if my order is lost or damaged in shipment?

All of our items are shipped with tracking. Please let us know immediately if something has happened with your order or if your order has been damaged in-transit by e-mailing our Customer Service team. We take these matters seriously and will investigate immediately in order to provide a satisfactory resolution.

Is your shipping packaging environmentally friendly?

All of our packaging is recyclable / re-usable; from the shipping box to the product bottle.

Other Questions

What is the product bottle made of?

Our bottles are made with pharmaceutical grade PET material that is: 100% BPA free and FDA / CFIA compliant.
The lids are also 100% BPA free and FDA / CFIA compliant.

Both the bottles and lids are approved by Health Canada and Made in North America.

Is it safe to shop on GOadaptogens.com?

Yes, it absolutely is!

We care about your privacy and security. Our website has equipped SSL (secure sockets layer) security when browsing and shopping. We also utilize the trusted and familiar PayPal service to allow for safe, easy and secure check-outs. You have many methods of payment from different credit cards to debit and bank related options.

Shop safely on GOadaptogens.com!

What currency is being used when purchasing product?

At the present moment, all transactions (purchases, shipping, etc.) are in Canadian dollars (CAD $).

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